Playfair believe in the old saying “Make the music you want to play”, still creating songs that span various sounds within the so-called “rock-pop” genre”, continuing to evolve even after writing & playing together on & off for over 25 years

In spite of the dodgy record contracts, imploding labels, life and musical tendency changes that derail most bands, they refuse to roll over and quit.

Writing the best material of their lives for their upcoming series of EP’s, Playfair continue on their indie-rocky-folky-punky way, finally being able to come out of their isolated locations and back onto the stage, dusting off old favourites to add to their new tales of bittersweet human experience.

Reassembling once again in Barcelona, home base of their previous incarnation as Unusual Suspects, Rachel (voice/accordion), Chris (guitar), and Matt (drums), are counting the days to their new EP release and live shows.

Catch their return to the stage on Saturday, April 2nd, 16:00 at RAI – Recursos d’Animació Intercultural, C/ Carders 12 principal 08003 Barcelona